P.C. Hodgell


... and here we go ...


(Book plate for the Beardsley Morte d'Arthur, used for e-Baen GOD STALK)

Celtic_This is my first shot at a website, much less an on-line journal.  It feels very strange.  Mind you, I already keep several diaries.  The first and longest running are a series of black bound notebooks, 13 so far, started back in high school (I think).  They probably make dismal reading as I tend to write in them when I'm upset.  That's always my first impulse:  to grab a pen and start writing.  I took my black book with me when I sat at my father's death bed and later when I sat with my mother's dead body.  Reading those entries brings back everything.  I don't revisit them often.


Then there are the writing diaries.  I used to keep these in notebooks but now they're computer files.  Some authors call them their "bibles."  That's where I keep track of my story ideas and details, also my research notes.  The file on the Ivanhoe sequel is at least 100,000 words by itself.

And of course there are scraps of paper floating all over the house, often chased by cats.

So now I start a new "diary," and I'm not sure what to say.  Suggestions?